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My name is Daniel Martin. I am 18 and from Windsor Ontario, Canada, soon to be the home of the worlds first ever Trench-Coat Wearing, Teenager Spy Fighting, Guns and Lightsaber Swinging, Ultimate No-Budget Showdown to have ever been wtnessed (or played by YOU!) of all time!

The Action Movie/Game is called "Mr.Black.VS.Mr.Grey: The Ultimate No Budget Showdown" and it will be playing exclusivly on YouTube (and possibly NewGrounds if I find an appropriate way to do so that would work for the game version of this movie!).

The story is about 2 teenagers who are forced to kill eachother in the search for their kidnapped relatives that were taken by some sort of weird FBI like agency, but not is all what it seems when they are each given a dirrenent coloured Trench-Coat along with a variety of weapons that YOU get to decide how and when to use them on eachother! The current 2 characters are "Mr.Black" Ryan Radcliffe (Daniel Martin), "Mr.Grey" Jacob Hunter (Jeffrey Albu-Scheller).

Filming will be starting sometime this year, but one of the things this movie still needs (Besides alot more weapons!) is a movie score! WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The movie needs spy music, and music similar to the tv shows "Prison Break", "Lost", "Dr.Who and Torchwood", "StarGate SG1". The music can be any style (Classical, Techno, Punk your F*ck*ng brains out with metal-core rock, anything!) as long as the tune itself fits the theme or a scene I made for the movie.

The movie will be going up on YouTube sometime in January of 2010. Go to www.YouTube.com/DaniMart2005 for updates and sneek-previews.

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